Luca Maffei, perfumer of Isabey Paris new feminine line ‘Prends-moi (take me)’

Luca Maffei,  Perfumer at Atelier Fragranze Milano

A young promise of the Italian Perfumery, Luca Maffei began to work as Assistant Perfumer in 2007, in the family company, at the end of his classical and economical education.

“My father and grandfather have always been in the industry, I grew up among perfumes. From an early age I developed a special sensitivity”. Since his childhood he was close to the world of fragrances, “fascinated by the charm of raw materials and the mysterious alchemy by which they combine” and therefore decided to explore this unique and wonderful world.

He started an individual training with Françoise Marin, perfumer and former director of the prestigious perfumery school of Roure (Givaudan) in Grasse. He studied accords, iconic fragrances and raw materials using the Jean Carles method; right after that he began to create thanks to an internship in a major fragrance house in Grasse. Back in Italy, he entered M&M Fragrances and signed his first creations.

In 2011 he founded Atelier Fragranze Milano Srl with his father, with the role of perfumer and CEO.

Prends-moi (take me), the words of the perfumer :

“I was inspired for this creation by the last moment before the ultimate act of love.  The adrenaline, the warmth of the skin, a kiss in the neck, the chills. So I wanted to use bold and sensual raw materials, which represented a veiled eroticism.”

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