SAMPLES – Discover the perfumes at home in a simple way

Samples of 2ml in natural spray bottles allow you to discover and try the fragrances of Isabey Paris House of perfume,s on your skin in a simple way and during a few days.

Samples are free.

THE BOOK– Discover the story of Isabey perfumes with this fabulous book.

 “ For everyone to whom perfume tells a story, awakens a memory, inspires a passion, arouses a desire, expresses an attraction or reveals a hope… “

The book Isabey is writtend by written by Mr. Jean-Marie Martin Hattemberg, legal specialist for the court of Appeal of Versailles. Member of the International Perfume Bottle Association in the United states and of the French Perfumers Society, Jean- Marie Martin-Hattemberg is permanently consulted by prestigious brands, museums and fellow collectors. Published in 2014.

Excerpts from the book:

[…] This was the ferment that was to give birth to the story of Isabey perfumes, wich in their excellence and creativity were to leave their mark in French perfumery […] Pierre Guerlain, 1925

[…] artistic bottles, jewel-like presentation cases and intoxicating scents of the Isabey fragrances attracted extravagant praise. […] Isabey was an immediate success […]

[…] L’ambre de Carthage. This perfume was named to evoke the glorious past of the Mediterranean city of spices and incence that became a major maritime power and hub of a vast trading empire. […]

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